We Expect Common Sense from QLine Riders (Replies Steer Us to a Different Track) –  Deadline Detroit

So they called me a cockeyed optimist

Immature and incurably green . . .

But I’m stuck like a dope

With a thing called hope

— Oscar Hammerstein II

We start with a brains half-full assumption about fellow humans, a benefit-of-the-doubt approach until strangers prove us wrong.

It takes just a few minutes for Deadline readers to yank us back on track after we mock this streetcar etiquette and efficiency lesson Tuesday:

As someone who commuted from Upper Manhattan to Stuyvesant High via two subway lines, I see that as simplistic and snark-worthy:

Not so fast, Mr. Noo Yawkah. Listen to those with a finger on the pulse of local unawareness, or perhaps a finger raised in response to rush-aboard rudeness. “Get out much?” asks a reply from someone named Gregory.

Other responses:

We also hear from David Gifford, an industrial purchasing manager in Romeo and self-described “transit enthusiast” who runs Detroit Metro Transit Guide pages on Twitter and Facebook as a public service:

Your turn now:

Share QLine experiences in a comment below. Are most riders courteous or clueless? 

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