‘What Up Doe:’ Tweets Show a Lighter Side of Detroit Gathering for Black Journalists –  Deadline Detroit

Serious stuff takes place at a four-day annual convention for about 3,000 members of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), meeting in downtown Detroit through Sunday morning. The packed agenda includes workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers, tours, receptions and networking opportunities galore.

Still, attendees find moments for social media whimsy before, between and after sessions on “Pitching a Podcast,” “Visual Journalism 101” and “Life After the Last Live Shot.” 

Marlon A. Walker, a Free Press alumnus (2013-15) now reporting on education at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, helpfully drops “a quick public service announement” for visitors. “‘What up doe’ is our way of saying ‘hi,'” he tweets.

The returnee shares other knoweldge:

“It’s called ‘pop.’ We don’t acknowledge ‘soda.’

“While you’re here, try a coney, some Better Made chips and take a trip to the Motown Museum.”

An Indianapolis Star sports reporter shares this encounter:

Other light notes spotted so far include a tweet from Philip Lewis, the Huffington Post’s front page editor in Washington, D.C.:

Freep reporter Katrease Stafford confirms that “even Detroit natives get lost in the Ren Cen.” Another comment suggests: “Jimmy Hoffa is in there somewhere.”

Lewis, a Michigan State graduate (’13) who grew up in Detroit, also tweets these snaps below of CNN promotional items at a convention lounge, prompting an easy and obvious quip in reply: “Fake news. They’re cushions.”


We expect to update this post as the event, and its amusements, continue.

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