Woodward Stars with Broadway, Wilshire, Lincoln Highway, Other Legendary Roads –  Deadline Detroit

Program host Geoffrey Baer and UM Professor Robert Fishman talk about the historic avenue in a vintage Ford.

PBS on Tuesday night celebrates a slice of Detroit history for the second time in two weeks.

A focus this time is Woodward Avenue, ranked among “10 Roads That Changed America.” On July 1, Michigan Central Station was the hook for a special titled “Detroit: Comeback City.”

The new one-hour program, starting at 8 p.m. in Detroit, begins a second season of documentaries hosted by Geoffrey Baer of Evanston, Ill., who looks at “the places that have shaped and changed America.”

Woodward is grouped with landmark thoroughfares in Manhattan (Broadway), Los Angeles (Wilshire Boulevard), New Orleans (St. Charles Avenue), Boston (Boston Post Road) and elsewhere. Below, after a half-minute network promo, is the six-and-a-half-minute segment on the Detroit avenue named for pioneering urban designer Augustus Woodward, appointed as the Michigan Territory’s first chief justice in 1805 by President Thomas Jefferson.

Robert Fishman, a professor of architecture and urban planning at the University of Michigan, accompanies Baer.

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