Yemeni-Born Partners Open Spacious International Grocery in Hamtramck  –  Deadline Detroit

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The original Al-Haramain International Foods, which opened in 2003, is in a pair of tiny storefronts on Caniff in Hamtramck. “There’s something so . . . claustrophobic, yet simultaneously so captivating,” Serena Maria Daniels writes in Tostada Magazine.

The aisles are so jam-packed with humanity — representing diaspora from Yemen, Bangladesh, Poland, Bosnia and beyond — that politeness to get past one another goes out the window.

Now the Yemeni-born business partners — Ali Alaudi and Abdo Nasher — have a second location, a 16,400-square-foot store in the Town Center plaza at Joseph Campau and Holbrook. A soft opening was a few days ago and a ceremonial one is this Friday.

Daniels writes:

Aside from more elbow room (and a much larger parking lot), the new location boasts several upgrades: a carry-out restaurant with prepared hot food like rotisserie chicken, shawarma and pastas; a massive olive and salad bar; a full-service, all-halal butcher; and a bulk and packaged spice section.

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